1. General provisions

Implemented Quality Control System (QCS), which sets the conditions for company organization and management of all quality activities, must provide high-quality service for demands of our customers.

2. Basis Duties and Aims

  • work in QCS altogether with employees and the most important suppliers,
  • continue in training of employees in order to better understand aims of the quality and to be able to reach them,
  • reassignment of duties to newly emerged posts with narrower specialization and mutual representability,
  • provision of high-quality service always fulfilling customer demand,
  • widening of range of high-quality service following the market analysis,
  • achievement of profit increase by cost optimization.

This means to reach necessary high-quality service and other activities at effective costs and keep increasing this quality of service.

3. Quality Assurance Methods

3.1 Training and Motivative System

  • Professional choice and regular training of employees by special courses,
  • material stimulation of employees following the mensurable quality and quantity indicator.

3.2 Optimization of Costs

  • Developing of methods and regular evaluating of cost development with quality development with subsequent decreasing of costs,
  • following the results of evaluating cost optimization at preserving the quality.

3.3 Removing of Anonymity of Work

  • Within organizational structure the responsibility, competence and mutual relations determination.

4. Statement of Power Structure

Power structure is obliged to meet the aims of quality policy by using all necessary ways and effort. Therefore, the Quality Control System is launched. For this reason, Ing. Peter Formela was named representative of company for QCS who manages the company activity in the field of quality.