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ABONEX, Ltd. is company exclusively with Slovak capital and it deals with quality transportation service on European and Slovak market.

It is a forwarding company which provides transports for regular clients as well as for prospective customers according their various demands. From the beginning, we pay attention to systematic development of company. The increasing number of satisfied customers is a proof of widening and improving our service for customers. The real product is the quality and flexibility of our service and attention we pay to customers.

Our advantages:
  • high enthusiasm, flexibility and professionalism of our operators,
  • wide range of offered service,
  • communication and customer awareness by operators in the greatest possible extent,
  • we can operate in Slovak, Czech, French, English, German, Polish and Russian language,
  • we have proper and honest approach,
  • we quickly react on offers,
  • our operators cooperate in solving problems in the greatest possible extent,
  • we use modern information technology,
  • our quality is supported by ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.

Widening and improving our service for customers and business partners is our first aim. The number of our satisfied clients has recently increased and this is supported by increased number of realized transportations and increasing turnover.

These graphs describe the activity of both companies, T.T.S. Consulting, Ltd., since its creation in 1995 and since 2003 ABONEX, Ltd., as well.

Nárast prepravyNárast obratu
ABONEX, Ltd. in figures:

The number of realized transportations in 2009 increased by 4% in comparison with 2008, by 40% in comparison with 2006. During previous year, we offered our service to 376 customers; our database consists of 1200 clients using our service and 3400 suppliers and we chose approx. 100 of them for regular cooperation.


1995 Establishment of company T.T.S. Consulting, Ltd. Its primary activity dealt with international forwarding business – providing goods transportation in international scale within Europe, especially in France.
2000 – Implementation and certification of Quality Control System according to ISO 9002: 1994.
2000 – The beginning of own international freight transport operation.
2001 – Establishment of affiliated company ABONEX, Ltd..
2002 – Entry into Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
2003 – Transfer of main forwarding activity to company ABONEX, Ltd..
2003 – Re-certification of ABONEX, Ltd according to ISO 9001:2000 standard.
2003 – Entry of trademark of ABONEX into Industrial Property Office of Slovak Republic.
2004 – Admission of ABONEX, Ltd. as full member of Union of Forwarding Agents of Slovak Republic.
2007 Five Stars Network membership – international network of companies providing sea and air transportation.
2007 – Re-certification of ISO 9001:2000.
2008 – Signing of ethical code for Euro introduction.
2009 – The third dispatching has opened.
2010 – Re-certification of ISO 9001:2008.
2012 – The dispatching Pilot has opened.

SPEDSOFT – own information system

Goods transportation is that area of economy where quick reactions to demands of clients are necessary. That’s why our company has invented own information system which helps to react quicker on market demands. This system accelerates the access to information needed for providing the suitable means of transport and smooth goods transportation to its destination. This system is continually innovated according to operator demands in order to provide service for regular and prospective clients quicker, simpler and more complex.