Our working team

Education and Training

We are a part of world in dynamic development which makes considerable demands on us. Communication and information – two big notions of today. Computer and software skills and being professional in one’s qualification is condition necessary for asserting.

Company insists on continuous training process of all employees, beginning with managers and ending with executive workers, because only this approach makes prerequisites for successful operation of company in competition. This process makes high demands on employees themselves but so better, they can fulfil their
duties and reach better working results.

We insist on suitable choice and regular training of our employees which improves the services offered for our customers. We are aware that without increasing of training level the further development of our company is impossible. We try to support our employees mainly by increasing the productivity and managerial skills. We contribute to increasing of language level, as well. Within the choice, we give a chance to dynamic graduates of high school and universities.

Benefits and Care

The basic condition for optimal job performance is comfortable working environment and good relationships with colleagues. We do not underestimate these facts and we try to make good working environment for our employees as well as to give something more. We try to “bind” the staff by different sporting activities and parties and meetings with dinner.

Culture and Sport

Man cannot live by bread alone – that is the saying, so we do not forget even on cultural and sporting events. We organize sporting day in Slovenský raj or we altogether go to theatre or cinema. These events strengthen relationships and are good for relaxing.